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A Stance on Gay Marriage


The politicians and citizens of our fifty United States of America are denying the birth rights and privileges granted to all US citizens. Everyday, loopholes are made to further certain agendas and support certain people. Everyone at birth is granted the right to marry and receive all benefits and privileges that accompany it. It isn’t until the government finds out that you are intending to marry someone of the same sex that those rights are either denied or greatly altered. A large reason for the opposition of same sex marriages are the decrease in procreation, spread of disease, and tarnishing of the institution of marriage. If homosexuals are married or not, the percentage of non-procreating relations will not alter. Under this circumstance, can the United States deny the rights of marriage to those individuals who are infertile? If a man or woman is unable to produce children, does that make their marriage less significant than that of other marriages? For the spread of disease, yes it is true that the gay community does tend to show higher occurrences of STI’s in certain statistical studies. But I ask this, does the government deny the rights and privileges to those heterosexual marriages that have disease, hereditary or not, including some forms of cancer? As for the religious sanctity of the institution of marriage, the United States is religiously neutral. Christian ideals of marriage should not be applied to the citizens of the United States as many citizens are either in Christian denominations that support or recognize same sex marriages, non christian religions, whether accepting of same sex marriages or not, or are totally and completely religiously unaffiliated or absent. The certain institutions of religion that do not support the religious marrying of homosexuals have the private right to deny these privileges. The United States ensures every citizen the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. By denying homosexuals the rights available to all citizens, they are denying us of living our lives to the fullest, seeking our liberties, and the opportunity to pursue our happiness. This country has seen its fair share of civil intolerance, and eventual civil liberties. Why can’t they see the civil injustice of this? When will we celebrate our civil liberties that our minority religions and races have seen? When will the United State realize that ‘all citizens are equal’ actually includes all citizens? When will our day come?

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